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Home Nursing Services

Clinical Assessments

We appreciate that everyone is different and we each have individual needs and preferences. Client clinical reviews enable the client to have clear input into the care they will receive and are used to improve their health and wellbeing.

Medication Management

If not used correctly some medicines have the potential to cause harm. Our staff work with our client’s medical team to ensure medicines are taken according to advice.

Wound Management

We take time to assess our client’s individual circumstances, taking into consideration a range of factors that may delay wound healing. After deciding which wound dressing is most appropriate, we treat the wound and discuss appropriate steps with our client that could be taken to maintain healing and prevent possible recurrences.

Continence Management

The purpose of a continence management plan is to support the management of bladder and bowel control problems. We aim to provide optimal comfort, and we understand the importance of maintaining wellbeing and dignity.

Diabetes Management

Our management of diabetes includes a range of treatments and programs including recommendations on diet, exercise programs, assessing and monitoring medication, and advice in the use of insulin and maintaining circulation to the extremities.

Post-Hospital Care

Our post-hospital support is designed to help our client make a successful transition from hospital to home. Following discharge from a hospital stay for surgery or another treatment situation, we consult with our client’s doctor to personalise the nursing service they receive in their home to help them return to health and independence.

Mobility Equipment Purchases and Leasing

mecwacare can provide a number of aids to assist in mobility. These include crutches, walking frames and walking sticks, wheelchairs, mechanical devices for lifting, bed rails, slide sheets and pressure-relieving mattresses.

Enteral Therapy

Enteral therapy is the process of administering nutritional formula into a person’s gastrointestinal tract by means other than the mouth. Our nursing staff are experienced in ensuring this process is administered in a way that minimises distress and ensures the client is receiving the nutrition they need.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is specialised care and support provided for someone living with a terminal illness. At mecwacare we offer ongoing palliative support for our clients, their family and caregivers to greatly improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Disability Care

mecwacare has many years of experience in providing care to people with a disability who live independently in their own homes. Our comprehensive and rigorous Learning and Development program ensures all our care staff maintain the specific skills required to address the often complex care needs of individuals with a disability.

Respite, Overnight and Live-In Care

Our services ensure someone is available to assist if the need arises, which may be for a few hours, a day, a night or even weeks. Respite is a way of relieving the stress of being a carer. We understand it is important for carers to make time for themselves.

mecwacare provides overnight or longer live-in care to clients whose regular carer cannot be in attendance or if they simply need a break.

mecwacare can provide 24-hour live-in care to clients who may require a higher level of support or supervision. We understand the importance of placing the right person in your loved one’s home for long-term care.

Dementia Care

Our care staff undergo training in the significant issues involved in supporting people with dementia to remain living in their own homes. We understand the degrees of severity of the range of symptoms described as dementia, and the unique complexities of care provision to people with dementia. We work with clients and their carers to tailor our service to best meet the needs of the individual and their loved ones.