Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

mecwacare is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment.

We are working towards our practices contributing to a greener future.

mecwacare is committed to being environmentally supportive, innovative and socially responsible to ensure environmental and social considerations in our everyday practices.

To ensure environmental and social considerations in everyday practices, mecwacare is committed to:

– Minimising the impact of our operations on the environment;

– Fulfilling our legal responsibilities and complying with applicable legislation;

– Being environmentally supportive, innovative and socially responsible; and,

– Promoting environmental sustainability.

Our impact on the environment

Environmental considerations are factored into all mecwacare business operations, and we actively work towards the conservation of energy, water and resources in all programs, services and work environments.

In an ever-changing world, mecwacare strives to better understand the direct and indirect impacts of our organisation on the environment, and endeavours to remain current and updated in its knowledge.

Working together to increase ethical sustainability

mecwacare aims to prioritise the use of environmentally conscious and sustainable products and services throughout the supply chain, to incorporate sustainability goals into everyday business.

We continue to seek partnerships and working relationships with environmental organisations and groups to further minimise our organisation’s environmental impact.

How we implement sustainable practices


– Avoid the use of single use consumables using reusable items, such as crockery instead of plastic utensils, at all locations.

– Minimise energy consumption as much as possible by practical means, such as relying on natural lighting where feasible.


– Implement the use of recycled products and materials where practical, such as the reallocation of furniture and items among facilities, or the resale of donated goods at op shops.


– Dispose of waste products thoughtfully to ensure it is appropriately allocated and can be used to create new items, through concepts such as separate landfill, recycling and paper bins, as well as a used coffee pod collection service.


– Maintain systems and processes to reduce pollution and emissions, and to minimise impacts on the environment, such as installing solar panels, using hybrid vehicles and planting native gardens.

We are working to establish and implement clear goals in relation to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

mecwacare will comply with and exceed, where possible, applicable legislation in relation to our General Environmental Duty.

Environmental risk identification is included in Health and Safety Program Specific Risk Registers, including controls put in place.

Environmental considerations are factored into all business operations, such as purchasing and procurement, relevant supply chain, building, maintenance, service delivery and support functions.

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