Steampunk at Barry Fenton Centre

On the 25th of May, mecwacare's Barry Fenton Centre hosted a dazzling and inspiring steampunk event. Centre participants and guests came together to celebrate the creativity and innovation of a unique movement by showcasing the amazing steampunk items they had created.

For those new to the movement, steampunk is a subculture that blends elements of science fiction, Victorian-era fashion, and steam-powered technology. It’s a style that encourages creativity, individuality, and a love for all things antique and retro. In the world of steampunk, gears and cogs – along with song and dance – are just as important as smartphones and laptops.

Visitors had the opportunity to admire the intricate and stunning steampunk creations that centre participants had been working on for weeks. From handmade costumes to mechanical gadgets, each item showcased the imagination and resourcefulness of the attendees.

The morning consisted of a brunch for the centre’s regular Thursday participants, followed by live music and afternoon refreshments for other weekly participants and invited guests. A number of immersive visual displays were set up, including a walk-through time machine.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for centre residents to share their passion for steampunk with the wider community, as well as a chance for them to demonstrate their talents and abilities.

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