A timeless love

In January 1957, Phyllis and Lionel were going through simultaneous breakups. Both aged 22, they met at a Saturday night dance in Brunswick Town Hall.

Lionel drove Phyllis home that night, and the two arranged to meet again the next day. Two days after meeting, they drove to Portsea to go fishing and swimming, sharing fish and chips in a nearby park on the way home.

The rest, as they say, is history – the two married in August 1958.

Several years later, electrician Lionel experienced an accident, getting stuck on a live wire and being rendered clinically dead. Upon discovery of Lionel, his colleague freed him from the wire and delivered first aid. Luckily, there were no long term issues for Lionel, and his romance with Phyllis continued.

A year later, Lionel and Phyllis decided to embark on a new journey together: parenthood. Thought to be unable to conceive due to a prior surgery of Phyllis’, the couple ended up adopting a two-week old baby boy. Little Bruce was treasured as an only child until two years later when baby Cathie Anne was adopted.

When their daughter was only a few months old, Phyllis and Lionel got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered they had conceived a baby naturally. Just before Cathie Anne’s first birthday, little brother Malcolm was born.

Finally, Phyllis gave birth to their fourth child, Lindsay, and the family was complete. Lionel said he “celebrated with a vasectomy.” Phyllis, Lionel and their four children lived happily together, navigating many of life’s challenges and good times.

Their once-complete family was fine tuned to perfection with the eventual addition of seven grandchildren: twins Mathew and Christopher, Breanna, James, Aaron, Troy, and Guy.

Now, having spent just over 66 years together, we are glad to call Phyllis a mecwacare resident at Vincent House, and to see her love story with Lionel flourish for many years to come.

Photo: Lionel and Phyllis.

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