Education creates quality care

“I am passionate about nurses and carers understanding the client journey and their lived experience,” says mecwacare Learning and Development Manager, Maureen Walsh.

A lengthy professional background in community-based palliative care has, she says, equipped her with vital first-hand knowledge that informs her holistic approach to care delivery.

It’s an understanding that is at the heart of the care team’s ability to offer genuinely personalised, meaningful care.

“My mission is to ensure we are sensitive to the ‘unseen’ needs of our clients and respond accordingly,” Maureen says.

Part of what makes the care that mecwacare’s nurses deliver so unique is the calibre of their comprehensive training.

According to Lead Nurse Educator, Rosemary Perrone, this training places nurses in a critical role to help support older Victorians stay in their home, surrounded by the familiarity of family, friends and pets that can have such a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing that underpins physical and mental health.

“Being at home as long as possible is important for many people – and the family members caring for them,” says Rosemary. “Delivering education that helps our in-home nursing team become more knowledgeable about specific health conditions and diseases ensures that each nurse delivers the best possible care.”

Rosemary’s passion for lifelong learning is evident in her own commitment to further education, including her current studies towards a double diploma in leadership and management.

“One of the most important lessons I share with the nurses I help train is that everyone they deal with has different individual needs – no matter what diagnosis they have been given,” says Rosemary. “All the care we deliver is person centred. Making sure that everyone we care for as nurses is treated as an individual is at the core of our mecwacare approach.”

Photo: Learning & Development Manager, Maureen Walsh, and Lead Nurse Educator, Rosemary Perrone.

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