Consultation Information

Ballan Medical Clinic is a mixed billing practice, with payment required at the time of consultation. Some patients are eligible to be bulk billed, including those who are under 16 and concession, pension or health care cardholders.

Consultation fees as of 1st November 2023.

Standard Consultation

Standard appointments are booked at 15 minutes intervals. This is usually adequate to deal with a single health issue. When attending for an appointment, please see the reception staff on your arrival. Patients can request their preferred doctor when booking.

Standard GP consultation (<20 minutes): $65
Medicare rebate: $41.40
Gap: $23.60

Longer Consultations

Longer appointments are required for more than one medical problem, complex problems, women’s health checks, surgical procedures, full health checks, mental health sessions.

If you anticipate that a longer consultation is required, please advise our reception staff at the time of making an appointment or choose long appointment if booking online.

Longer GP consultation (>20 minutes): $101.30
Medicare rebate: $80.10
Gap: $21.20

Eligible to be bulked billed for GP consultation ONLY

Children Under 16
Concession Card Holder
Pension Card Holder

Emergency Presentation and patients without a valid Medicare or Pension Card will incur a private fee charge.

Nurse Consultations

Out-of-pocket expense varies between $10 and $30 depending on what is required, plus cost of dressing.

Procedure Fees

For in-clinic procedures eg. plaster, sutures, skin lesion removal, there is an out-of-pocket expense. Please speak with your GP regarding cost.

Simple Dressing: $15.00. No Rebate.
Mirena Insertion: $222.05. Medicare Rebate: $75.05. Gap: $147.00
Sutures: $20.00. No Rebate.
Complex Dressing: $25.00. No Rebate.
Skin Lesion Removal: $110.00. Medicare Rebate: $41.40. Gap: $68.60
Biopsy: $30.00. No Rebate.
Implanon: $40.00. Medicare Rebate: $36.30. Gap: $3.70
Ferro Injection (Iron infusion): $40.00. No Rebate.
Venesection: $94.90. Medicare Rebate: $68.30 Gap: $26.60

Medical Reports

Where medical examinations and reports for legal, insurance, superannuation, travel, vehicle licences and employment purposes are required a private fee may apply. The fee for the report will be determined by the doctor and depend on the complexity and length of time required to complete the report.

It is requested that a copy of all the documentation is provided to the centre in advance so that the doctor can determine the length of time required to create the report, the appropriate time to book the assessment and the estimated cost of the report can be provided prior to the appointment being made. The doctor may require pre-payment prior to this being booked at a time suitable for the doctor.

Practice Nurse 

In certain circumstances, such as immunisations or surgical procedures, the practice nurse may be required by the doctor to assist during the consultation. It is recommended that in these circumstances, that you advise the receptionist of this at the time of making the booking or that you choose the correct appointment type if booking online (will be online booking link), so that an appropriate appointment time can be booked for you with both the doctor and the practice nurse.

Our practice nurses have their own appointment book so that they can undertake dressings, immunisations, and chronic disease management activities in conjunction with the doctors.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

A no show/cancellation fee of $30 may apply if your appointment is not cancelled with at least 4 hours notice.

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