There’s new hope for debilitating pain

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There's new hope for debilitating pain

Your joints are consumed by fire, while sharp blades are piercing delicate, sore and tired muscles. Your skin is crawling with repeated waves of stinging pinpricks.

The flames of burning pain are scorching across your arms or legs. Your nerves are throbbing, hurtling confused signals of agony, exhaustion and resignation to your brain. You want to run; you need soothing. You must scream as the horrible sensations consume you. But you can’t; your voice won’t give words to the distress and hurt that is wracking your body. And, as the waves of pain continue to crash over you, there’s no way anyone can know what you are experiencing. No one is aware that you need help and relief. This horrible scenario is experienced every day by many elderly, frail and vulnerable people. The person smothered by pain could be your mum, good friend, grandfather, sister, neighbour… Don’t they deserve better?

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