Sandra shines at the Stonnington Awards

On Wednesday, October 25 at Malvern Town Hall, Sandra Beauchamp attended the 2023 Stonnington Volunteer Awards after being nominated. A volunteer at mecwacare’s Noel Miller Centre, Sandra attended the event with her husband, daughter, and grandson.

Despite not receiving an award, Sandra is still a winner to us.

Having been a Meals on Wheels volunteer when the program was previously delivered through the Stonnington Council, Sandra has been volunteering with mecwacare for 17 years. She now runs a classical music session at the Noel Miller Centre each Wednesday.

Lifting residents up with wonderful classical music every week, it is a session that everyone excitedly anticipates. Sandra has an impressive knowledge of classical music and has built friendships and a strong rapport with Noel Miller Centre residents over the years.

A staunch supporter of classical music, Sandra’s sessions have a very positive effect on residents. This is backed by scientific studies that have established a proven link between listening to classical music and physical and mental health benefits.

These benefits include supporting cardiovascular health, improving social relationships, decreasing blood pressure, assisting healthy sleep, improving memory, reducing the severity of anxiety and depression, and decreasing levels of pain, just to list a few.

The respect and care Sandra shows to residents is commendable and her attention to detail is fantastic. We thank Sandra for her continued dedication and are endlessly grateful for her effort and commitment over the past 17 years.

Photo: mecwacare Volunteer Manager Julianne Neilson and Sandra Beauchamp.

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