Cruelty and neglect must be stopped

It’s time to talk about a confronting subject – elder abuse. In many cases, the perpetrators are the last people you would expect.

Elder abuse comes in many forms. It may appear as harmless as “borrowing money” or devastating such as life threatening physical assault and severe neglect. Sufferers are often too embarrassed or scared to speak up and don’t know what to do. It is a sad betrayal of our precious older people.

mecwacare staff are trained to identify elder abuse, act and remove people from harmful environments. But we need your help. By supporting us to create awareness of this insidious problem, you will be saving lives.

This true story is horrific. But it is necessary to shine a spotlight on a disturbing and growing problem in our community. mecwacare takes its role as an advocate for the vulnerable very seriously. Your donation will assist us to continue supporting and protecting people like Joan. It is upsetting reading and many of you will be outraged and perplexed that this is happening more often than any of us want to believe. Joan could be your mother, grandmother or neighbour. We all have a role to play here.

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