mecwacare Malvern | A poem by Mary Adamson

mecwacare Malvern is home to old people, so don’t worry at all if you feel rather feeble.

You come for respite and find yourself there for life, but please never mind for the carers are kind.

There’s Emma and Selina to ask for advice, they’re all oh so helpful!

It’s honestly nice.There’s help to get dressed, make your bed and what’s best, you can press on your buzzer, and they’ll do the rest!

You’ll get out of the cooking, the dusting and more, and Kevin is there to mop up the floor.

It works very well for a husband and wife, and for those who are single you might find a mate for you never know what could happen before it’s too late!

And then there is Michael, whose music is vital- he can play anything, and he makes us all sing!

If you would like to know more, you can knock on my door.

Photo: Mary Adamson

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