Selfless young students support community seniors

For five weeks across August and September, four Year Nine students from the King David School in Armadale attended mecwacare’s Trescowthick Centre as part of their student volunteer program.

Following an initial orientation of the Trescowthick Centre, students Asher, Tali, Sam, and Jacob enjoyed some one-on-one time with residents and got to know them a little better, under the guidance of teacher Lachlan.

From 11am to 3pm each Wednesday for the next five weeks, students and residents enjoyed brain training, word and board games, gardening, tech lessons, colouring, painting, carpet bowls and musical performances together.

These activities provided benefits to both students and clients. The Year Nine youngsters received intangible rewards in the form of emotional satisfaction, an increased sense of belonging in the community, improved social skills and a renewed sense of purpose.

While the Trescowthick Centre residents enjoyed the mental stimulation and entertainment of the students’ presence, improving their socialisation and building relationships.

Research has shown that young people benefit from spending time with their elders, often developing an appreciation of history, timelines and days gone by, while older people experience a myriad of positives.

Studies have suggested that older people will experience higher levels of conversation and enjoy an increased sense of purpose and value within their community.

Further benefits include mental and intellectual stimulation, improved mood, cognition and self-esteem, and there can even be a decrease in levels of physical pain.

Many residents also have their own children and may enjoy the sense of nostalgia they experience when spending time with the teenage students.

We are so glad to have welcomed the King David School’s Year Nine student volunteer program, and we are thrilled to be welcoming them back to the Trescowthick Centre later this year.

Photo: King David School student with resident Paul Rosenberg. 

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