Celebrating 65 years of love

Meet Betty and Tony, residents at Robin Syme Malvern. On April 5, 2024, they were delighted to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary with fellow residents.

While their families knew each other, the couple’s love story only began in their late teens, when they both starred in a play at Manresa Hall in Hawthorn.

The couple fondly looks back on their early days of courtship, including some amusing moments.

“Betty’s family used to live exactly a mile from where my family lived. I had an old car that I drove to pick her up and go to the pictures or dance,” Tony recalls.

“Her place was above a steep hill. Sometimes the car wouldn’t start, and I had to get out, push it, hop back in, put it into gear, and start up the car down the steep hill.”

Betty adds, laughing, “Imagine telling your mother this, sixty years ago!”

Their secret to a long-lasting marriage? “Avoid arguments,” says Betty. Tony jokes, “I often finish my sentence with ‘yes dear’!”

A delicious morning tea was organised at the boutique retirement village in celebration of the loving couple’s milestone.

Happy anniversary, Betty and Tony. We wish you many more years of love and laughter ahead.

Photo: Betty and Tony at Robin Syme Malvern.

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