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mecwacare's Annual Employee, Volunteer & Contractor Awards 2018

Thu 29, Mar 2018

On Friday 23 March mecwacare held the Annual Employee, Volunteer and Contractor awards at the Wellbeing Centre. This was an opportunity to highlight outstanding individuals from the past year who have helped make our services and recent growth so successful. Congratulations to all of our winners, and also to the 70+ nominees who attended on the day.


Encouragement Award:

  • Dianne Anning (HNCS/HCP)
  • Alistair Mossop (Corporate Services)
  • Julia Little (Residential Services)
  • Kate Blenheim (Community Services)

Long Term Contribution Award:

Robyn March - Lifestyle Assistant (Malvern Centre)

Support Service Staff Award:

Padmini Permall – Food Services (Simon Price Centre)

Administrator of the Year:

  • Kim Evans (Community Services)
  • Nicole Mathieson (Corporate Services)
  • Perth Furio (Residential Services):
  • Tracey Haverkort (Residential Services)
  • Kathryn Sweeney (HNCS/HCP)

Learning and Development award:

David Mitrovic - Clinical Manager (Trescowthick Centre)

Carer of the Year:

Miwon Lee – Registered Nurse (Simon Price Centre)

Contractor of the Year:

John Dakin – Home Maintenance Contractor

Volunteer of the Year:

Robyn Davies – Volunteer (Park Hill)

Heather Law – Volunteer (Barry Fenton Centre)

Employee of the year:

Max Ha Kow – Accountant (Corporate Services)

Chief Executive Leadership Award

Judy Redmile – Facility Manager (Malvern Centre)


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